Heating / Air Conditioning Systems

Eberspächer / Webasto / Calix

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We work with various USA and European governmental organisations, NATO, special vehicle manufacturers, other small businesses. 

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The Right Choice

It is important to choose a reliable manufacturer for your heating and air conditioning requirements. Our aim is to deliver the best heating and air conditioning solutions from reputable manufacturers directly to your door.


Eberspächer / Webasto system applications:

  • Motorhomes

  • Minibuses and Coaches

  • Trucks and Vans

  • Cars

  • Emergency Vehicles

  • Boats / Yachts

  • Construction Vehicles / Machines / Cranes

  • Military Vehicles

Reliable Manufacturers 


Eberspächer / Espar and Webasto are leading manufacturers of the auxiliary heating and air conditioning systems.


Eberspächer Products Supplied:


  • Eberspächer Air heaters

  • Eberspächer Coolant / Water Heaters

  • Genuine Eberspächer spare parts

  • Eberspächer mobile refrigeration systems

  • Eberspächer air conditioning systems


Webasto Products Supplied:


  • Webasto Air heaters

  • Webasto Coolant / Water heaters

  • Genuine Webasto spare parts

Spheros Products Supplied:


  • Spheros heaters

  • Spheros heater parts